Côteaux Nantais - At nature's pace

At Côteaux Nantais we have been growing fruit with respect for nature since 1943 and we purchase raw materials from our committed producer-partners. Located in the West of France, our orchards, spanning 105 hectares, are biodynamic. Our fruits are picked by hand, and the varieties we grow are suitable for the local soil and climate. Harvesting takes place from late August for early-season fruits to early November for late-season fruits, to guarantee the maturity of the different varieties. Our fresh fruits are available all year round from September to May to offer the widest choice of varieties to consumers: Akane, Elstar, Pirouette, Reine des Reinettes, Crimson Crisp, Fuji, Royal Gala, Breaburn or Delis d’Or to mention a few of them!

Our expertise has guaranteed our recognition as a European leader in biodynamic processed products with a catalogue of 250 items. All our organic recipes are the result of a mixing of varieties, fully in line with the pace of the seasons, which ensures a sumptuous flavour. For this reason, aromas, colours and textures may change slightly over the year. For us, this is a sign of quality and we are proud to offer healthy, tasty, fruit-filled products that are also environmentally friendly.

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamics goes beyond organic farming, taking a holistic approach to maintain our orchards sustainably, in harmony with fauna, flora, individuals and the ecosystem. For example,biodynamics can include using composts and medicinal plants, installing nesting boxes and beehives around crops, moderating soil tillage and planting flowers between rows, avoiding excess watering and pruning trees by hand.


Sumptuous recipes made with meticulously selected organic fruit, stewed into thick, tasty compotes with just the right amount of cane sugar. Completed with a wide range of healthy recipes made with 100% organic fruit. Free from added sugar or any other added ingredients, our purees have a smooth texture, making them simply delicious and deliciously simple!


All our recipes are made with a at least 65 g of fruit per 100 g, as per French standards, combined with organic cane sugar, gently simmered to guarantee a rich texture with real fruit pieces. Our four jelly recipes (quince, blackcurrant, raspberry and redcurrant) are ideal for people who prefer smoother texture.


Our juices are made from 100% pure squeezed fruit. Our nectars are made from fruit puree with a touch of cane sugar and water for added smoothness. Our iconic organic, biodynamic apple juice is also available in 3 l and 5 l sizes, to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Our organic, biodynamic apple cider vinegar is unpasteurised and made from different varieties of pressed apple. This 100% natural, ”living” product retains all its nutritional goodness and health benefits. It is available plain, with shallots, flavoured with fruit juices or as an apple balsamic vinegar. Perfect for salad dressings or marinades.


100% pressed eating apples combined with cider apples, lightly carbonated for a gentle fizz, our ciders are low in alcohol (2 to 5% ABV). Available in dry, semi-dry or sweet versions, the French traditionally enjoy this typical drink from the Brittany region with sweet or savoury (buckwheat) crêpes!


A 100% pure, refreshingly light and fizzy juice. Perfect as a nonalcoholic aperitif for celebrations and as the ideal healthy sparkling drink for children. For people looking for an alcohol-free alternative, we have created eight recipes: apple, lemon, passion fruit, raspberry, pear, blackcurrant, blueberry and ginger.